Toy safety and mattel toy i

Mattel also acquired a number of companies during the s see table. Nishpeksh Padmamohan Mehra, is one of Mattel's Inc. Spear, a Mattel vice president, took control of the company inwho returned the company to profitability in Ruth Handler sold her stock in

Toy safety and mattel toy i

Toy Safety and Mattel Toy I. Throughout the years, Mattel continued to create and market popular toys such as Hot Wheels, merge with profitable manufacturers Fisher Price in and Tyco Toys, Inc. Sincethe Mattel Company works hard to ensure it is considered a trustworthy company for children and the community.

With so much positive philanthropy projects, Mattel has not always been able to maintain an image of child-like and trustworthy purity. Mattel has experienced many criticisms for stealing ideas for toy-lines from children competing in toy invention competitions. Ininvestigators revealed that company officials produced and issued false and misleading financial information to make it appear as if the company was continuing to successfully grow.

And of course, Mattel has also had its share of recalls the accurate number of recalls is debatable but it ranges from 17 to 28 recalls.

Toy safety and mattel toy i

Brief Background There are two separate reasons why Mattel recalled 19 million toys from August to September of The first toy Toy safety and mattel toy i was due to defective magnets.

The design of the toy magnets included parts with high-energy magnets typically used for industrial purposes that easily come loose and posed a threat to young children and infants who could easily swallow the magnets which could then adhere together in the digestive tract and rupture the stomach tissue.

The second toy recall was due to high levels of lead-based paint found on the surface of many toys. Mattel had previously given manufacturers in China a list of eight approved paint suppliers to use, but in order to reduce costs, subcontractors decided to employ unapproved suppliers. In some cases, the lead content was over times the legal limit.

Lead-based paint is dangerous for children because elevated levels create learning and behavioral problems, slow muscle and bone growth, hearing loss, anemia, brain damage, seizures, coma, and in some rare cases, death.

Mattel recalled 91 models and makes of toys because of harmful levels of lead paint. China SinceChina has experienced many tribulations with the quality and standards of the products manufactured within the country. For instance, pet food, toothpaste, seafood, tires, and toys are just a few of the products recalled from homes in the United States because of serious, sometimes deadly, manufacturing inaccuracies.

The business relationship between Mattel and China seemed to be a strong partnership. Mattel manufactured 65 percent of its toys in China, and before the recall, was a company others used as a model for successful global manufacturing.

Latest News Their products are sold in nations mattel. In the summer ofMattel suffered a major product recall incident.

Mattel was criticized for placing too much faith in the partnership with China as well as careless inspections on the quality of the manufacturing sites abroad. Timeline In November ofMattel recalled Polly Pocket sets sold with magnets that posed a threat to children.

In Julya European retailer discovered high levels of lead content on various Mattel toys. Once notified, Mattel began an investigation and closed operations at the factories producing the toys.

During the investigation, Mattel discovered millions of products available since that did not pass safety standards. On August 1,Fisher-Price recalled 1.

After further investigation, Mattel recalled 18 million more products on August 14, because of the possible hazards of children swallowing faulty magnets. And on September 4,Mattel recalled anothertoys due to high levels of lead-based paint.

Despite the fact that a larger number of toys were recalled because of faulty magnets and not lead-based paint, the framed communication made China appear culpable for the recalls in order to reduce reputational damage and the Chinese media stated that Mattel should be accountable for the mistakes rather than blame China.

Mattel eventually listened and on September 21, the company issued an apology to China taking full blame for the recall crisis.

Mattel also posted news releases and video interviews on the company website to keep the public informed. Mattel speaks with one voice, communicates consistently through a crisis, acts quickly, and responds with public apology and any other expectations.

All steps of the plan are code of a successful crisis plan and response.Toy Safety Toys and games are tons of fun for kids and adults.

Whether your kids are working on a puzzle, playing with building blocks or even inventing their own games, here are a few things to think about to help them stay safer and have a blast. I have been looking for any evidence for that roller coaster toy for years and your comment is the first one that verifies that my own backyard roller coaster was sold somewhere in the US back then.

The statistic shows the revenue of major toy companies worldwide in In , Namco Bandai had the highest annual revenue of the selected toy companies, generating revenues of billion U.

Check the CPSC website for the latest information about toy recalls or call their hotline at () CPSC to report a toy you think is unsafe. If you have any doubt about a toy's safety, err on the side of caution and do not allow your child to play with it.

Toy Industry - Statistics & Facts The global toy industry is a billion-dollar industry dominated by five main players: Mattel, Namco Bandai, Lego, Hasbro and Jakks Pacific. Aug 15,  · Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, yesterday announced the biggest recall in its history. In a double-barreled announcement, the company said it .

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