The top books every entrepreneur should

So these are 10 books that every entrepreneur should read, most of them corroborated by famous entrepreneurs themselves. This book perfectly captures the spirit that every self-made man or woman should live by. In fact, Ayn Rand created a whole philosophy based on this idea — Objectivism, with its principle most aptly communicated through a piece of dialogue by the protagonist: The book offers keen insights and experiences shared by 41 founders of different startups.

The top books every entrepreneur should

Difficult coworkers, less-than-desirable tasks, or even just being in the wrong position can all lead to a lack of enjoyment and fulfillment in your work. Or better yet, if you struggle with all of the above and then somewhat if I told you that enjoying your work and finding fulfillment regardless of those obstacles is possible?

Before implementing the tips below, I struggled to get through each day, much less find real fulfillment, in the office. Now, even after the toughest days on the job, I still come away with feelings of pride, accomplishment, and fulfillment. The best news is, so can you. Simply put, all the issues we deal with in the office and life in general affect us in a noticeable way.

But what if we reverse this? What if you feel under appreciated, get passed up for promotions, or get denied raises? This is sure to affect the way you feel at work on a negative level.

Think about it, write a list, or make a mental note. In fact, as a side-challenge to this article, I recommend picking the top three reasons contributing to your dissatisfaction at work and using the following tips to tackle them.

Practice gratitude for an instant uplift Did you know the simple act of feeling grateful can increase your happiness and make you more fulfilled at work? Trying to conjure up feelings of gratitude can seem almost impossible when your work situation seems bleak, but hear me out: For an instant pick-me-up, try this: Find a loose piece of paper, a blank sticky note, or anything you can write on, be it physical or digital.

List just three things that you are absolutely without-a-doubt thankful for in your life. Is it because they make you laugh and forget about other stressors?

Or maybe they help to remind you of why you go to work every day in the first place? Whatever your reasons may be, jot them down and keep your list somewhere you can see it while you work. A quick glance at your gratitude list throughout the day can provide powerful, positive motivation to keep going.

If you can find just three things to be thankful for that specifically relate to your job, and list why those things make you grateful, your list can also help you find fulfillment in your work itself which can give you an even bigger boost of positivity throughout the day.Watch video · As a general partner at Benchmark, Bill Gurley is a top Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and he's an investor in impressive companies such as GrubHub, Zillow, Uber, Stitch Fix .

30 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read. 21 Feb, 2 Comments Uncategorized. SHARES. Facebook Twitter Linkedin. If you are running a startup or in the process of launching one you should be reading a good amount of books on a monthly basis.

8 Favorite Books of Billionaire CEOs Every Entrepreneur Should Read

The Best Free Tools For Entrepreneurs. 2 comments Leave a comment. Vlad says: February.

The top books every entrepreneur should

Dec 27,  · * Join my BELIEVE newsletter: BOOK LINKS 7) Fred Factor - 6) The Go Giver - Jun 02,  · or detailed notes and links to all the resources mentioned in this video, visit Visit the offi. 21 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read.

Jeff Bezos also had his executives read "The Innovator's Dilemma," one of the all-time most influential business books and a top pick of. 8 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in True North by Bill George and Peter Sims This is a great book to discover your personal leadership vision, values and motivations.

5 Great Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read