The shape of things

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The shape of things

How is it March already? We've had a nice start to Some good projects are on the go and we've been busy stocking up the store again after a busy Christmas period. Some of my favourite finds can be seen above including vintage paintings and one-off textiles.

We still have things arriving weekly from the trip so make sure you pop into the shop for a visit if you are looking for something extra special. Pure Magic especially for 2 Aussie girls used to the unbearable humidity in Brisbane.

Visiting New York's vintage markets is one of my favourite things to do. There is just so much and so little luggage space that making a decision on what comes and what has to stay is very difficult. I usually always have a buying regret, and this trip was no different.

On our last day I found this wonderful book that I should have bought and now so desperately wish I had but alas, we had so much to get home and I had to leave it behind. Olivia's first trip to the Big Apple and the weather certainly turned it on for her! She was in snow heaven. Bergdorf's incredible displays did not disappoint.

So much work and so much creative thought that must go into every single display project they produce. Simple, traditional, hearty Italian. Love it so much. I was sad to see that Peels had closed just a few weeks prior to our visit!! This trip, we stayed in mid-town at The NoMad and I was so taken with the building that we looked out onto from our room and hotel rooftop.

Click HERE to read and see more about them and their seriously amazing home in the clouds! Our busy week in NY came to an end. We had a fabulous time and came home with lots of beautiful things and lots of great inspiration for our year ahead.

Despite all that New York is, I was so happy to come home to this! Hope you enjoy browsing through and shopping our curated collection of bits and pieces!!

The store will go live on Wednesday 20th November and it will trade through until Christmas. The online store web address is - www. Just remember it won't go live and be up online until Wednesday 20th November.

I hope you are as excited about this news as I am!! Bring on November 20! It was a late Autumn afternoon and the skies were a pale blue fading into a warm soft pink.

We used Peter Kedwell's history and career in the fruit and vegetable industry as our inspiration for the project. Fresh food and market produce became our main focus for the colours, materials and ideas we presented. I came up with the idea when I was in my garden potting terracotta pots just before we presented the concept.

It was like a little garden angel reached out to me and said - wouldn't they look great turned upside down and used as lights at Buzz!

The shape of things

Site visits just got better and better as each day passed just prior to the restaurant opening last weekend. One of my favourite things we created was the old cane market basket wall.

Another favourite thing is the back-lit shutter panelling we devised and installed over the large ugly round column as above. As in any project, some things don't arrive on time so the stools you see in this section of the restaurant aren't permanent.Packers | Mike Daniels likely to miss a few weeks Sun Nov 18, AM.

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