The kingdom of matthias themes

A religious charlatan in s New York, Matthews established a "Kingdom" of fanatical followers, causing a nationwide scandal. Elijah married a missionary woman named Sarah, and together they established a "Retrenchment Society" and other organizations designed to spread the word of God.

The kingdom of matthias themes

The Kingdom of Matthias Religion is something that is heavily rooted in American society. The United States of America has thousands of different churches, smaller denominations and non-western religions. The authors had to use second person sources in order to construct the life and history of this person.

The book begins with the story of Elijah Pierson who came from humble beginnings and move to New York. He was very religious.

The kingdom of matthias themes

Upon his arrival to New York City he found himself out of place, so to speak. The people of New York were immoral in his eyes. They drank and lived licentious lives.

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Prostitution was rampant as well as many other vices. Elijah Pierson saw himself as a missionary and began to preach about God to whoever would listen. His style attracted some followers who saw him as some sort of a leader or prophet.

However, all this changed after his wife Sarah passed away. He literally believed Scriptural passages regarding the resurrection of the dead and attempted to raise Sarah from the dead himself. When this did not happen, people began to question.

As a self-proclaimed messenger of God, Elijah felt he could use the powers of God like the Apostles and others in the Bible did. The book then continues to focus on Robert Matthews. Like Elijah, Matthews was an ardent believer. At work he would try to preach to his co-workers but was met with ridicule and this upset him.

He would unfortunately take his frustrations out on his wife Margaret. At one point he made it big financially and had lots of wealth but then went through a down time.

Matthews as he grew in his ideas about God began to become delusional. His followers gave him money and with that money he would found a community. He would then search for the best metals to fashion religious appointments candlesticks, chalices, swords and furniture with.

Matthias would let his beard grow since the Bible says for men not to cut it. Matthias would then go around the Bowery and Battery Park to preach.

At the time, laws prevented women from divorcing their husbands unless adultery was involved. Women were evil and of the devil, according to him.

The Kingdom of Matthias Themes

They tempt men and distract men from God. Elijah Pierson would die and suspicion would arise that he was poisoned. These would bring about cults and sects such as Pentecostalism, Adventism, The Watchtower and so on that would challenge mainstream Christianity and bring about new and sometimes strange ideas regarding God.

This book puts into perspective why sects exist in America today by providing details on their evolution in early America. I enjoyed reading the book. To me it shows how easily some people can fall for delusional ideas. Over zealous religious people would try hard to spread their ideas.

Many of them were delusional and borderline schizophrenic. We find that even today. Jose is a Hispanic man in Miami, Florida who thinks he is God. Many people believe this man and give him money just like back in the day people believed Matthias and gave to him money.

There are still crazy people out there and people who listen to their every word. I recommend reading this book if you like American history and want to know a bit more about the origins of religious sects in American society.Aug 07,  · The Kingdom of Matthias.

Religion is something that is heavily rooted in American society. The United States of America has thousands of different churches, smaller denominations and non-western Kingdom of Matthias. The Kingdom of Matthias tells the story of a very bizarre religious cult that was founded in New York City in the s.

Poor men who were forced by economic necessity took to this religion. The Kingdom Of Matthias Themes Some called him a madman, others viewed him as a prophet.

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The Kingdom of Matthias is the story of Robert Matthews who deems himself as “The Spirit of Truth” and persuades others to partake in his unorthodox beliefs (Wilentz and Johnson, p.5). The Kingdom of Matthias Summary & Study Guide Paul E. Johnson This Study Guide consists of approximately 27 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Kingdom of Matthias.

The kingdom of matthias themes

By the time the tensions within the kingdom exploded into a clash with the law, Matthias had become a national scandal. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.

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This page guide for “Kingdom Of Matthias” by Paul E. Johnson and Sean Wilentz includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 4 chapters, as well as.

The Kingdom of Matthias: A Story of Sex and Salvation in 19th-Century America by Paul E. Johnson