Reflective study issues and trends in

The selected trends are presented with related issues for students and faculty to provide a broader view of education. The American society is increasingly diverse; thus each trend precipitates different issues and problems. Trends result from issues in the past, just as these issues will lead to other trends in the future; this is the never ending process of change.

Reflective study issues and trends in

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The scenario is identified widely in the Australian health premises. Problems arise when blood flow decrease as a result of increased blockage in the arteries causing poor peripheral circulation Rooke, Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of arterial ulcers, which is a chronic progressive disease concerning the accumulation of cholesterol, most often known as plaque, in the length of the inside layer of the artery track.

Acute arterial ischemia, on the hand over, has a swift inception and is associated with an embolic occurrence. Portions of plaque are freed from arterial walls as they float around until they become blocked in smaller blood vessels.

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The consequential obstruction leads to a situation where the tissues are famished of oxygen and other essential thereby becoming ischemic which subsequently leads to cell death Munden, The contemplative case study conducted attempts to give details on managing the complexities of an arterial ulcer caused by atherosclerosis whilst criticaling reviewing the care given the patient.

Purpose and Utility The usage of reflective case study is most appropriate in the profession of nursing which has much to do with observation and diagnosis. It is a fact that no matter could be built purely on exact availabilities and theories.

Reflective study issues and trends in

More often, theories remain far behind the actual practice especially when dealing with medicine and human conditions. Reflective case studies have higher dependence on various assumptions linked to the topic and also the ultimate achievement has to be made aware of.

Imagination as well as creativity on the features of a scenario supposed becomes crucial and brooding doubts are inevitable Imel, Unlike primitive nursing department, the current profession has been entitled with bulky responsibilities and mode of practices.

With respect to the Australian health care communities, nurses find a great deal of critical position while dealing with acute diseases of dangerous nature.

Nurses working in the hastily altering medical and treatment department are progressively more flattering attentive to the requirements to assess and progress of their performance as well as think about the prevailing opinionated, societal and hierarchal problems disturbing it Bowden,2.

For the reason that modifications are happening across the world, it is significant for nurses to become efficient enough to scrutinize and react to latest and diverse confronts in a practical mode.

Expanding a decisive philosophy and insightful expertise will aid the nursing department to congregate the defying of supplying concern in a circumstance of hurried alteration as well as to develop into a seriously thoughtful professional Rolfe, The proposed case study is to examine a patient with arterial ulcer who is admitted for treatment.

Patient Details and History Mr. A is a year-old man, who lives by himself. Upon initial assessment, it was determined that the patient possessed a reasonable level of health, however it is important to note that he has been a smoker throughout this life.

A is considered to be a fairly active person, who enjoys getting outdoors. Prior to this health issue, the patient reported experiencing some cramping in the calves, which was known to intensify when performing moderate activity. Unfortunately, this treatment alone was not enough, as the ulcers failed to heal.

Reflective study issues and trends in

As a result of the continuation of this issue, the patient was referred to a vascular surgeon, for further treatment. Assessment and Treatment Objections As discussed, the patient presented with ulcers on both legs.Oct 07,  · Reflective Case Study: Purpose and Utility The usage of reflective case study is most appropriate in the profession of nursing which has much to do with observation and diagnosis.

The dependence on reflective case study is owing to its inclusion of the major four traits namely supposition investigation, background consciousness, creative. Abstract.


Numerous multifaceted issues confront the nation's emergency departments, a frontline component of America's healthcare safety net. This article explores current nursing workforce issues, staffing issues and nurse-to-patient ratios, current emergency department benchmarking data, and operational issues that affect the quality of care .

Learning Outcomes. After studying this chapter, the reader will be able to: 1. Integrate knowledge of 10 current trends and issues in society and health care into a more holistic perception of their influence on nursing education, students, faculty, and nursing practice.

trends and issues in contemporary nursing education In many ways nursing education is the same as it always has been: concerned with preparing nurses with enough knowledge and skills to meet the health care needs of the community with compassion.

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SOME TRENDS AND ISSUES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE EDUCATION Beverly-Anne Carter Introduction The barrage of new trends and new foci in language teaching and learning can create a sense of unease.

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