Political system of india essay

Unlike the American political system [ click here ] and the British political system [ click here ] which essentially have existed in their current form for centuries, the Indian political system is a much more recent construct dating from India's independence from Britain in The current constitution came into force on 26 January and advocates the trinity of justice, liberty and equality for all citizens.

Political system of india essay

A Politician is person who is professionally involved in politics. Usually, he has good influence over the general people. It is often said that politics is the art and technique of government. It also includes the law-making policies and procedure. Introduction to Indian Politics Mahatma Gandhi stated about the place of ethics in politics.

He told that politics without ethics and principles were not desirable.

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The principles are the moral principles. According to his philosophy political, life should be governed by truth, morality and self-purification. He also prescribed that country should concern with the morals of her leaders.

Devotion to truth was drawn by him to half corruption.

Political system of india essay

He had no intention to indulge the religious matter. He interpreted that religious matter is a death-trap because it kills the soul. Roles and responsibilities of Politicians The role of the Politicians is to deal with national issues and drive the country in full gear.

They should aim at improving the economic, financial, military strength of the country. Economic development of all the sections of the society should be the aim of politicians.

They should come forward in support of public-welfare schemes such as food for all, house for all, education for all, etc. It is the duty of the Politicians to check corruption, nepotism, crisis in politics and ethnic problems.

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They should work to bring communal harmony. They should exercise wisdom in every work of national politics. They should practice ethical culture. The political parties should try to build confidence of political wisdom by their good work. People expect good qualities in a politician. They expect them to be trustworthy.

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They should come forward to check and stop unlawful activities. Disappointment People go to vote but they have unpopular leaders of popular parties. Only symbols are elected not politicians. They may devalue the public-moral and erode the very essence of democracy.

Money also plays a dominant role in the Indian politics, especially during election. Vote is purchased by the party men. Conclusion Finally, it can be admitted to all that politicians should be free from vitiated politics.

Political system of india essay

They should have a constructive view in respect of welfare of mass. They would always try to eradicate the corruption from the national life by root and branch and at the same time they can reach to their honest goal by hearkening to the inconveniences of the public.Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

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The politics of India takes place within the framework of its constitution. Symbols are used in Indian political system as an identity of political parties and so that illiterate people can also vote by recognizing symbols of party.

In . Here is an essay on the Indian political system especially written for school and college students in Hindi language.

Essay on the Corrupt Political System in India | Hindi ; Essay, Essay on the Indian Political System, Hindi, . THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ACT The Government of India Act was originally passed in August and was the longest British Act of Parliament ever enacted by that time.

The Government of Burma Act was also included in it. Background to the Act: Indians had increasingly been demanding a greater role in. The Presidency and the Political System [Michael C.

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