Police on the dark side

October 12, Posted in: It will be the largest security operation in Canadian history. Military planners will undoubtedly use it as a template for securing future high profile events.

Police on the dark side

The untitled and unpublished book about the 'dark side' of the police department by a serving IPS officer is creating ripples in government and police circles. Jul 26, The final draft was submitted to the government for clearance as he is still serving in the department.

In his book, Vinoy Kumar Singhwho is now additional director general of police coordinationhas criticised several ministers and officers up to the rank of director-general of police DGP who let down the police force by allegedly indulging in scandalous activities. The GAD is yet to take a decision on the book, which is likely to expose the 'other' side of the police department.

But it appears that the chances of getting the state government's nod for its release are bleak.

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Though he had completed the book almost four years ago, the state government took three years to give the initial nod. Senior bureaucrats and police officers reportedly took objection to the title of the book and now, besides changing the title, the book has been revised. This is perhaps the first time that a serving IPS officer has penned a book criticising the existing system and practices of the police department based on his experiences.

It is learnt that several former director generals of police DGPs and other senior officers are in for a sharp criticism in the book. It is about an unsuccessful police officer who could not make any change in the existing corrupt system," VK Singh said when contacted by TOI.

The page book quotes several instances of political interference in decision making and posting of police officers.

Police on the dark side

These officers are not given a free hand. Sadly, politicians are interfering in the postings of officers right from the grade of sub-inspector to DGP. Only officers who are willing to toe the government line and senior officers get good postings.

Otherwise, the officer is sidelined even if he is efficient," the IPS officer added. A few months ago, when he was inspector-general of police Visakhapatnamthe author had to face the consequences of defying a heavyweight Congress minister from Costal Andhra.

The IPS officer claims it is still a difficult task for a common man to register a complaint at a police station and get justice as the department has become inefficient.

Even more than other civil servants can," Singh said.Managing the dark side of police-community co-production If the fallout from the Martin shooting has shown us anything, it is that clearly this dark side of co-production is something to be avoided in the future—not just in Sanford, or the State of Florida, but across the United States.

Oct 18,  · Police State Canada And The Dark Side Of The Olympics As I have stated before, Canada is NOT a free country. We are under Zionist control from Ottawa, and Freedom Of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, and Freedom Of Movement, is restricted in this "free" country.

Police say the victim was in bed, and a friend had just left his house, when two men entered and shot the victim before fleeing the home.

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Witnesses told police that a dark-colored SUV was involved in the hit-and-run. The vehicle might have possible damage to its windshield, front-end or front passenger side.

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