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National essay association

In an article titled "In Defense of the Need for Honest Dialogue", Kaufman wrote that the three of them founded NARTH because the American Psychiatric Association and similar professional organizations "had totally stifled the scientific inquiry that would be necessary to stimulate a discussion" about homosexuality.

Kaufman states that NARTH was formed in response to censorship of scientific investigation of politically unpopular views.

NARTH had been an approved continuing education provider since Lehrman and Jeffrey Satinover.

National essay association

Controversy[ edit ] Stances on the etiology and mutability of homosexuality[ edit ] The founders held that homosexuality is a treatable mental illness and that a person's sexual orientation can be changed through therapy.

Such conversion therapy is pseudoscientific [2] and unethical according to major medical and psychological organisations in the United States [6] [24] [25] and elsewhere.

National essay association

The essay made several controversial claims, including that the civil rights and gay rights movements are "destructive", that the American Psychological Association "has been taken over by extremist gays", and that Africans were fortunate to have been sold into slavery.

Truth Wins Out then called on Focus on the Family to cancel a planned appearance by Nicolosi at their conference. Schoenewolf about slavery which have been misconstrued by some of our readers.The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) Collection is a library of nearly books and pamphlets documenting the suffrage campaign that were collected between and by members of NAWSA and donated to the Rare Books Division of the Library of Congress .

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Congressional Seminar Essay Contest for High School Students. This essay contest is a major project of The NSCDA held under the auspices of the Washington Workshops Foundation, a private nonprofit educational program in American government for high school students.

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The American Fire Sprinkler Association created the college scholarship program to help with the educational and training pursuits of students just like you. In addition, AFSA wants to educate the public at-large about the life-saving properties of .

Students benefit from a wide variety of speech and debate events. To create standards for national competition, the National Speech & Debate Association has defined a .

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Court allows class-action suit against Navy over ‘bad paper’ discharges ; All Military Services Get Failing Grade in First-Ever Audit of Pentagon. Topic for AFSA’s 21st Anniversary High School Essay Contest: Why Diplomacy and Peacebuilding Matter. The United States has many tools to advance and defend its foreign policy and national security interests around the world—from diplomatic approaches pursued by members of the Foreign Service, to the range of options available to the U.S.


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