Mahi pakirehua inquiry learning

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Mahi pakirehua inquiry learning

V Urquhart This morning, Wyatt and his grandma were very excited to bring in a jar of tadpoles they found in a nearby pond. The great thing about our new frog tadpoles is that they are much larger and most already have their back legs!

Mahi pakirehua inquiry learning

In kindergarten, the most authentic learning comes from experiences that are driven by student interest. As a whole class, we talked about what these little swimmers were.

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Could they be fish? How do we know? We made a chart with some of our current understandings about tadpoles. We know they can swim, we know they turn into frogs, they have big heads and have long tails.

As educators, once we understand the level of knowledge our students have, it helps us plan for the next steps in their learning. During activity centres, we encouraged any children that wanted to learn more about tadpoles to come over to our table.

Altogether, we chatted more about their environment but decided we needed more information.

Mahi pakirehua inquiry learning

Miss Roeder and about 9 friends all walked to the library to ask Mrs. Plato to find books about tadpoles and frogs for us to read later.

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When they returned, nearly all of the children began to look through the pictures on the carpet. Some pointed out observations between our tadpoles and the ones we saw in the books. I placed clipboards, white paper and pencils beside the tadpoles and encouraged those students watching them to sketch what they could see.

Very quickly, we had detailed sketches of tadpoles, often in different parts of their life cycles, with labels too! They inquire, or ask questions and together we find the answers. This type of learning empowers children to take ownership of their learning because they feel capable and supported.

They might show their understanding in the form of a conversation with a teacher or friends, they might draw or write about it, they might play with model animals at the water table or put on a puppet show with play dough and Popsicle sticks.

While the content is interesting, and is related to our science curriculum, the most important part about inquiry based learning is that our students know they are capable. They can ask great questions, research in different ways, and show their understanding in a format that honours their individual learning style.

Here is August comparing a tadpole in a book to the ones in our tank.

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She was searching for one whose tail was beginning to shrink.Te Uiui ā Akomanga: Inquiry-Based Approaches in Kura Kaupapa Māori 30 credits Ko nga rautaki pakirehua Kaupapa Māori me nga iwi taketake e tirotiro ana ki nga wero e puta mai ana i te mahi whakaako ki nga Kura Kaupapa Māori.

look forward to learning about what’s happening when we travel the country! Nāū te mahi nāku te mahi ka ora ai te iwi Ron Paterson Inquiry Chair.

Created Date. Kia ora whanau, this term our inquiry/pakirehua kaupapa is Science/Putaiao and the chemical components of science. Nga Kakano have been learning the different elements of the science table and we have really enjoyed researching the different uses of each element.

Our inquiry for the rest of this term is LEGO! students teaching other students and learning has happened during this task. Some students have even taken it to the next step and are designing homes and other buildings! The kids today created some ataahua pieces of mahi! We had some more calendars - these are a massive hit with the.

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