India pharmaceutical industry

Advertise with us Pharmaceutical Industry Amongst all the countries that fall under the category of developing countries, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest and the most advanced. This industry has been a boon to the Indian economy.

India pharmaceutical industry


Posted on November 7th, by Dr. However, today, inIndia is getting to be known for a bit more than that: Companies such as Dr. DCGI Drug Controller General of Indiathe regulatory body, has openly suggested encouragement for the local Indian pharma companies to get deeper into innovation.

As a result of this treaty, patents within the country officially became recognized, and greater incentives to innovate followed.

Conference Highlights

This spurred a series of events, including greater India pharmaceutical industry benefits and grants for pharmaceutical researchers in India 2. While this event opened up the door for pharmaceutical innovation in India, the breadth of its potential has not yet fully been reached.

From toalthough pharmaceutical patents by resident Indians doubled, that rate has since declined 3. I had a personal opportunity in to accompany Dr. Martin Mackay, when he gave a keynote address at the BioAsia Conference in Hyderabad and conducted some successful partnership meetings.

Clearly, there still are measures which can be undertaken to bring India to the next level in the global pharmaceutical market.

In addition, the biggest impediment lies in regulatory price controls, which remain a factor that stifles innovation. More regulatory changes need to be made to help enable Indian pharmaceutical companies with more financial and social capital for their drug research. There is lots of innovative work which is beginning to happen in the areas of tropical diseases such as malaria and some other infections disease areas, especially vaccines research.

In addition, better health infrastructure for the nation is contributing to an aging population with a greater demand for different types of pharmaceutical drugs.

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Today, the Indian government is beginning to demonstrate more interest in making India a hub of pharmaceutical innovation, at least in Southeast Asia. Both of these conditions, along with the fact that the country has plenty of skilled scientists, are a couple of positive signs for the future of pharmaceutical research and development in India.

I expect that additional large-scale actions will be taken to provide Indian innovators with the necessary means to compete with the best pharmaceutical innovators in the world. If you would like to keep track of centers of research in India, or any other country visit Scopus.The pharma industry is plagued by many top-notch industry bigwigs quitting the sector.

India pharmaceutical industry

Ranbaxy was sold to a Japanese company Daichii Sankyo for US $ bn in Abbot bought Piramal healthcare for US $ bn making it the market leader and it gained access to .

Today, India has gained immense importance and carved a niche for itself in the pharmaceutical domain. In fact, it has emerged as a big mart for the pharmaceutical industry.

India pharmaceutical industry

In today's world, Indian pharmaceutical industry ranks 4th in terms of volume and 13th in terms of value. The pharmaceutical industry in India provides several opportunities for investments and trade due to the following factors: 1. With respect to India's huge population it is an excellent center for clinical trials.

India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. Indian pharmaceutical sector industry supplies over 50 per cent of global demand for various vaccines, 40 per cent of generic demand in the US and 25 per cent of all medicine in UK.

India enjoys an important position in the global pharmaceuticals sector. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Indian pharmaceutical market is among the top five emerging pharmaceutical markets in the world According to McKinsey & Company report (“India Pharma ”), the following trends influence the growth of the Indian pharmaceuticals market.

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