Fishing reel

There are two categories of reels; spinning reels and fly reels. Fly reels are for fly fishing, and fly fishing is a different animal altogether. For now, lets stick to spinning reels. There are 3 types of reels:

Fishing reel

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The scale should read between 25 and 33 percent of the unknotted line strength when the drag starts to slip. If you set the drag on a light-tackle outfit pound test is illustrated above with the rod tip pointed at the scale top imagethe reading should be about 15 percent of the unknotted line strength.

When the rod is in the fighting position bottom friction will increase the drag. But, to get the most out of any monofilament, we must protect it from certain negative elements.

Listed below are a few "mono checks" that, when followed properly, will put more fish on the table. We will start with the reel and work towards the hook. Putting Monofilament Line On Your Fishing Reel Most tackle stores are happy to spool up your reel, particularly those who have a line winding machine.

If you have the time, and they have the quality line you want, let them do it. Tie the line to the reel with a Uni-knot or Arbor knot clipping off the tag end. Snug the knot to the reel spool. One person should reel while another holds both ends of the rod, applying pressure as the line is reeled onto the spool.

Keep the line away from anything that could cause abrasion. Use the same procedure with a spinning reel, but reel line so that it comes off the end of the spool.

After 15 or 20 turns, if a twist occurs, turn the spool over and continue to fill the reel. If it happens while fishing from a boat, play the line out with nothing on the end, trolling behind the boat for about five minutes.

It is also important to always use a ball-bearing swivel, which will reduce or eliminate line twist. Certain lures or bait tied directly to the line will invite twist.

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To compensate for this, try lighter line. Just for your own education and enjoyment, go down in line test. You will be surprised that you can catch big fish on line much lighter than you are presently using. It may take more patience and even a little more skill, but you will enjoy it.

If fish stop biting, go to a lighter test. The thinner line may get them eating again.

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The thinner the line, the less likely a fish sees it. Care Of Fishing Line Always check the line for nicks or frazzles or areas of abrasion that will cause a weakness. After every fishing trip, or after playing out a nice fish, cut off approximately ten feet of line and retie, if you have reason to believe it may have been frayed.

This is very important. When fighting a decent fish, in fresh or saltwater, three things can happen: All three factors will cause abrasion, eventually prompting the line to break. The easiest solution is to cut off the weak line and retie.Daves Parts and Service is the largest rod and reel component distributor in the country, with a full line of parts to support Penn, Daiwa, .

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Fishing reel

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