Extraversion and facebook use psychology essay

We can work on Examining the relationship between narcissism, self-esteemand Facebook use in a sample of adolescents [embedded content] General overview of the research project Much media attention has focused on how adolescents today are more narcissistic compared to previous generations. This is often attributed to the considerable amount of time that young people spend on the Internet, especially on social networking sites SNSs such as Facebook. In this research, we will examine the levelsof narcissism, the relationship between narcissism and Facebook use, and whether this relationship is different for adolescents with low and high self-esteem. The reference listis not part of the word count in-text references are counted.

Extraversion and facebook use psychology essay

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. For this paper, the character selected for personality analysis is Forest Gump. The two theories that will find use in examining his personality are the big five-personality theory and the traits theory.

For both theories, specific examples will be drawn from the movie and will be used in providing an in-depth analysis of Forests personality. The selected theories will help offer a Extraversion and facebook use psychology essay understanding of real human life and human behavior and interactions.

The theories aim to test and determine a persons personal, moral, social character. The first theory that will be used to analyze Forest Gumps personality is the traits theory.

According to the theory, there are specific traits or characteristic patterns in behavior, and emotion that influence an individuals personality. Furthermore, this also influences an individuals behavior and reactions towards specific aspects of life Jordan, The theory also proposes that such characteristic behavioral and emotional patterns are constant for a specific individual.

This theory can easily be applied towards the analysis of Forest Gumps personality. This is mainly because from the film it is evident that Forest has a number of constant characteristics and traits throughout the plot of the film. The first trait is that he is a determined individual.

The film depicts Forest as a highly determined individual who becomes successful at a number of things. At first, his determination is seen during the Vietnam War where he helps save a large proportion of his platoon.

Extraversion and facebook use psychology essay

His determination is evident when he Forest starts playing Ping-Pong, becoming famous for his skill. Joining the shrimping business and succeeding at it is also a show of his determination.

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Lastly, his ability to run across the country a number of times also proves that he is a highly determined character. The above analysis fits into the traits personality theory. This is attributable to the fact that Forests determination is continuous throughout the film. The film also depicts Forest Gump as an honest character.

After meeting his friend Bubba in the army, Forest makes a promise to join the shrimping business. Unfortunately, Bubba was killed in action and did not make it to the end of the war.

Despite his death, Forest was honest enough to keep his promise. He is also shows his honesty when he gains publicity for running across the country.

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Forest is honest when he states that he has no particular reason for running. He is also honest to Jenny about his feelings towards her. He agrees to marry her and take care of Forest Jnr despite her unknown illness. At the end of the film, it is evident that Forest was honest and kept his promise to Jenny as he walked Forest Jnr to school.

Lastly, in the film, Forest shows that he compassionate and loving. This is clear during the Vietnam War where he sacrifices a lot to save his fellow platoon members.

He also shows a lot of love and compassion for Bubba, his best friend in the army. This leads him towards entering the shrimping business as he had promised Bubba. Forest is also compassionate and loving towards Jenny despite the fact that she does not show her feelings towards him.

He is also compassionate and loving towards Forest Jnr his son. Lastly, he shows compassion and love for Lt. Dan when he offers him a job in his new shrimping business. This is despite the fact that Lt. Dan still holds a grudge against Forest for saving him during the War.

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The second theory is the big five-personality dimension model, which shows how the big five personality dimensions are present in every person though in different variations and levels.The big five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

The Five Factors The preference in the use of the five factors has been determined by the consistency in the ability to measure the personality without overlapping.

These five dimensions are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and intellect. These different dimensions are vital as they determine how a person relates to others, relate to oneself, and react to life around him. There is some debate within the area of social psychology referring to the existence of altruism.

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The original use and concept of altruism can be traced back to the first half of the ’s by French philosopher, Auguste Comte. Scribd es red social de lectura y publicación más importante del mundo.

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