English essay helping others

Helping others is the greatest quality of a human being.

English essay helping others

People will notice your generosity and maybe the will be also generous according to you. Only kindness with the true motives are describes in this secret.

In the Bible we can read the next statement: And the next one is: And the second secret is that helping others, you help yourself.

Remember that it is much better to give than to get. It is simple law but it gives people the great satisfaction and feeling of happiness. It would be wonderful if you will find the person for the example.

You can take the Jesus Christ life for the great example, or the mother Teresa or somebody who you know personally.

Emerson's essay, Self-Reliance translated into modern English.

You are wrong if you think that there are no kindness and good people in the modern world. Of course, they are, maybe in minority, but they still are. I wish you be always above all the circumstances and always do the right things. Trifles are very important Listening to the problems of other people without making judgments is one of the best deeds that you can do.

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Most people know the answers on the questions they have encountered. They just did not realize it yet. Allowing them to talk about their problems, you help them find their way and understand what they should do.

Sometimes they may need support and help to start a new life. You can help them avoid the English essay helping others you made yourself, and also help them to start learning from the mistakes that they will inevitably do in the future. In your life, you will often see that with someone has acted unfairly.

Be ready to help such people. Just do not despair and do not let others do it. If something can save this world it will be the unselfish kindness. And always bring the matter to the end. If you have started helping someone, as a mentor or defending the rights of others and do not stop halfway.

Never, after all, you will surrender yourself and at the same time disappoint those, who wanted to help. From the personal experience Sometimes when I tired or just want to have a rest, sitting in front of the TV or computer, I think that soon my mom will come back from her job and she will be more tired than I am.

At such moments I stand up and go to the kitchen to prepare the hot supper for my mom and something she can take for the dinner at work.

I also tried to control that the flat should be clean at the evening. It seems such a trifle, but my mom will be really happy and satisfied after the difficult busy day to sit at the warm kitchen and drink a hot cup of tea. No matter how tired my mother was, she will always notice what I did for her and she will smile and say thanks my dear.

And for the sake of her smile, for the sake of the expressing joy in her eyes, I am ready to do this every evening, even if my own day was not very easy.

We always get satisfaction if we helped someone to be a little happier. I also think that if children grow up and have the well-paid job they can support their parents financially.

Is this not showing kindness? You can buy your mother a new phone, and maybe the computer of your father is rather old? Always remember that time, when your parents were young they did everything for you and maybe it is the high time to answer them in the same way? Others can help just to be thankful for something.

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Sometimes we help other people as we want to think that we are a kind person. Sometimes we need to improve our mood, to feel ourselves nobler, be sure that somebody needs us. But the interesting fact is that helping others, we can improve our health. You will live longer. Different scientists from different countries made special researches and in they came to the same conclusion: Many people ask how many we should help others.

According to the researches hours will be enough, but it is not the standard, you can help just hours and it also will be useful for you.

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English essay helping others

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