Describing my childhood home

Scroll down to content I mentioned earlier that I was taking a class on writing personal essays from Sheila Bender.

Describing my childhood home

I moved quite a bit and my childhood homes are spread around five states, so I chose my favorite— our home in Wisconsin. Even my first impressions recall the outdoors: When we first moved in, the yard was nearly new and uncultivated and the weeds had been left to grow.

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Nearly an acre and a half of weeds above my head, some taller than my parents! The driveway, once paved, was perfect for roller skating not blading! And then there was the Rock Pile. Because that area of WI had been near the border of glacier coverage during the ice age, the ground was very full of what we called fieldstones— rocks of all sizes worn perfectly smooth by being dragged under the ice.

Our neighborhood had been plotted on former farming fields, and in our yard happened to be the spot where four fields had joined together. There were a few small trees there and, dumped by farmers as the tried to plow the land, a huge pile of fieldstones, at least 10 feet in diameter, and probably 5 feet high in the center when we first moved in.

I hollowed it out in the center, studied the rocks, climbed the tree… it was my little kingdom.


Next to it was a slight ridge in the yard, sitting at such an angle to the wind usually, that we always had dramatic snow drifts there in the winter. One year it was twelve feet high! I remember walking out to our drifts, sinking into the snow hip-deep with each step at times, and digging tunnels through the snow.

It never occured to me that I could be in some trouble if it ever collapsed on me. The gravelly roads of the neighborhood were in the shape of a horseshoe, with a few cul de sacs splitting off here and there, and just one way in or out of the neighborhood.

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Perfect for bike riding. In the center was a little park, ball diamond and, in wet years, a little skating pond. Surrounding the neighborhood were woods, fields, a country highway, another similar neighborhood, a cemetery and a dairy farm.

So much to explore. My parents had no idea where I was most of the time! Just a few miles away there were several lakes, host to swimming in the summer and skating next to whole fishing villages out on the ice in winter.

And the state forest was nearby, too, with trails to hike among evergreen trees, where the needles formed a perfect carpet to walk on noiselessly in peaceful beauty.

What makes me sad is that my city children have almost none of such things as these to enjoy.View Where in the World Are You? in a larger map. Los Angelisation. Los Angeles is a huge city. It used to be smaller but it grew and grew and swallowed the surrounding communities. When a big city swallows other cities around it and the private automobile and its highways become the dominate citizens, we call it “Los Angelization”..

Has your city been Los Angelised? 22 Writing Prompts That Jog Childhood Memories. Did you attend a traditional school, or were you educated at home? Describe a school-related memory.

The structural method of describing is a great way to focus on the whole picture without dwelling upon each small detail. Meaning Of course, a house is more worth writing about if it is a real home to you. Describe your neighbourhood/society. What does it look like? Who are your neighbors? Let me describe my neighbourhood but not as it is now but how it was when we moved to this locale. Both times I had to crawl through the window I had gone downtown with my daughter to the bar and was ready to go home before she was so I just walked home. Freddie Gray, My Childhood Friend [Kitria Stewart, Mary Ibeh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An illustrated storybook of memories that were shared with Freddie Gray while growing up in the city of Baltimore.

Think of a time when you did something you shouldn’t have done. Describe both the incident and the feelings they created. My childhood house When I was a child I used to live in a house which was very old and very big.

To add a bit of ambience, there is one of the largest graveyards in the nation right across my street. It used to give me creeps especially around Halloween.

Describing my childhood home

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Storytelling with illustrations is a fabulous way to connect as a family. It is also a fun form of entertainment and a great learning opportunity. Visit the post for tips to make it work for your family.

This directory introduces newcomers to the field of children and childhood studies with the current periodical literature. It also aims to assist scholars and other researchers from various disciplines in selecting appropriate journals as they seek to publish their work.

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